Hurrah for Annette Hughes

Yesterday, thanks to our fabulous Sunshine Coast Regional Council – on ya Bob! – I had the opportunity to be mentored by Annette Hughes.

She is a generous, talented, insightful and all round marvelous woman… if what I write from now on is still absolute crap it will in no way be for want of Annette trying to help me.

So buy her book, attend her workshops, and please do all you can to support our Council in their works – yes, silly boyz who think setting the bins outside the library on fire is hectic, I’m blogging at you. Cut it out.

Check out:


6 Responses

  1. Hi ya Morgana, Welcome, Well Come! So now you’re virtually here eh? time to live in the ‘clouds’! lol!

    Just watched “Synecdoche New York” the ultimate self referential (post)n – modern a story about stories about stories. About the echo of reality in the the world of the author… Yum yum. Gets rave reviews, though it’s not that ‘great’ as a movie. But it goes to the heart of the art of ‘authorship’ – the existential gap between life and art, that an artist fills with artwork. Recently heard the latest booker prize winner say that to be a writer is “to be a failure at life, someone for whom it all only makes sense after it’s been expressed through the filter of language.”


  2. lol… I’m often a double failure, in that case; even after I’ve expressed something through the filter of my language, I often still find it doesn’t make any sense

    or maybe I’m just a neo-absurdist? a mundane surrealist?

  3. i’m particularly fond of ‘lapsed agnostic’ at the moment – not that that has anything to do with anything! Sort of sounds like someone who didn’t believe in anything, but then accidentally did…

  4. love it! I flashed on an image of a 737 full of people on their way home from the Annual Skeptics and Atheists Convention… altitude and cabin pressure plunge… most fall to their knees, praying for deliverance to any God that might be paying attention.

  5. and they start singing an agnostic hymn
    (to be sung with Anglican agnostic purity):
    “oh god, in whom I half believe,
    I’m in deep shit, so help me please,
    and if you do, i’m pretty sure,
    i’ll believe in you, a little more…”

  6. The priests quickly celebrate a gay marriage between the pilot and chief steward, while the nuns take an opposing view and gather a fundamentalist clique near the toilets…

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