Pulling a Swifty

Are you allowed to throw in a Swifty if your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek? For those who came in late, a Swifty is an adverb that’s just a fraction too apposite to be anything but hilarious – and stupid. E.g: “The lightbulb’s blown!” he muttered darkly; “I got first prize!” she exclaimed winningly; “Turn the amp to 11!” he cried noisily.

My character had just been told by his assistant that his agent’s on the phone:

‘Literary or celebrity?’ he asked

‘It’s Harry M.’ she stage-whispered.


2 Responses

  1. Ha! M. Morgana you too, I see, are guilty of the adverb, and a swifty no less! regardless you might have deleted before all will read your superb book when it becomes pushlished.
    Don’t worry, I shall be eagled-eyed in my critiquing come the time (even though most of the rules of grammar elude me – you continue to educate me and not the other way around :)). xo

  2. Nonsense!

    For example, who just pointed out to moi that a story needs to open with the character who has the most to lose?

    Interesting, though… not exactly the same thing as the character who, in the course of the story unfolding, loses/gains/transforms the most.

    So whose story is it, in fact? I think we need a writing philosopher, here…..

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