Glassings, cotton wool and the nanny state… no, it’s not craft time, kiddies.

Just read a spot-on opinion piece re. the Queensland Government’s moves to ban glassware from all licensed premises:,23739,26423259-952,00.html

How about hardware barns, though? They’re like lolly shops for out-of-control suburbanites who thirst to harm imagined enemies and innocent bystanders: very, very sharp things; very, very sharp and turbo powered things; kilometres of electrical wiring; poisons galore; carnivorous plants. Huge great panes of glass, for heaven’s sake, glass by the bloody meter! And steel-capped boots available to anyone with $19.95 – no proof of age or stat dec denying intent to maim required.

Shut down the death traps lurking in our suburbs, Anna!


2 Responses

  1. Probably only a problem if they are licensed premises as well, which I imagine won’t be too far into the future. Perhaps Bunnings will start up tradies’ ‘gentlemen’s’ clubs where they can turn up after work, get a skin full and commit mayhem on one another to their hearts content.

    • I’m sure the paperwork’s in on the licensing… I saw an espresso machine lurking in the corner of my local B Barn. Can pre-mixed vodka drinks be far behind? While they wait, I suppose the blokes have two options: arrive at Bunnings with a skinful; or select from the extensive array of thinners and distilled alcohols already on offer. BYO mixers, meet in the power tools aisle. Ladies bring a plate.

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