B.O.M. PrOn

The scent of bushfires filled my house, just now,  when the wind changed. It’s a restless, anxious odour… the cane fields a few k’s west of here have been burning for more than three days, taking out substantial areas of bushland. When the avaricious flames grab at the wetlands they might lose their grip. Feeling lucky?

I  log on to the Bureau of Meteorology website, heart fluttering with anticipation, like a teenage girl hoping for a sext from a vampire. Last night I tracked a storm as it swept across the Mt. Kanigan radar – Blackbutt, Kenilworth… nah, didn’t make it all the way to the coast. I went to bed alone – hot, dry and unsatisfied.


2 Responses

  1. Am hearing you Madame M. I, too am unsatisfied with our current dry spell…perhaps our languishing will come to end this weekend with the promise of more storms and rain for the Sunshine Coast. Or will we be left panting and arid again, like so many times before?
    Tis the omen from the Draining of the Dam to fill the thirsty mouths of the Brisvegas coolamon’s. The term ‘not happy Jan’ springs to mind. Down with Bligh and go the mighty Abbot…Bob, that is. 🙂

    • Strike me lucky, Ms Dana – for a moment I thought you were talking up Abbott, Tony! Shudder.

      Yeah, Big Bob’ll just mosey down to the Big Smoke, drink up all our water and bring it on back, Tiddalik the dreamtime frog style. Did I mention how much I lurve the Sunshine Coast Regional Council? Go you good things.

      Do you think we should make touros bring their own water when they come? That might help keep the numbers down.

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