PMT + 32 C + 85% Hum + CC + NM = ?

What do you get when you cross pre-menstrual tension with searing heat, sticky humidity, the usual Christmas chaos and a New Moon?

I don’t know what to call it, but I can give you two bits of info:

  1. It’s no more pleasant to experience than to suffer from
  2. It ain’t pretty.

If there’s a cure, other than moving to Svarlbad and not leaving  a forwarding address, please advise


3 Responses

  1. Dear Madam M. Phew, sounds like there’s a silent, yet deadly tornado going on down your way. Are you fully encased yet or can you still see and perhaps reach for the yellow brick road the seems beyond your grasp.
    Reach, damn you! Choose LIFE!
    Now, wasn’t that a catchy phrase written on white tees with fluro pink writing in the 80’s? Bugger, I’m showing my age. Evening primrose dear. Works wonders after a while.

  2. Alfalfa. 3 day growth alfalfa. You will be amazed how much you’re not crying by the end of the week.
    You can grow your own easily by getting seeds from one of those insidious health food dungeons. Grow a few seeds in little vegemite jars or on cotton wool, whatever, but if you have three going at once, you’ll have optimum alfalfa every day.
    Works for ovulation cramps as well, and I’ve heard it also helps with chocolate withdrawal – not that any sensible person would give up chocolate!

    • Thanks for the herbal lore, ladies. It’s not me that’s in danger so much as everyone else, though. Will evening primrose and alfalfa curb the homicidal rage?
      I discovered another cure on the weekend, but it’s a bit harder to get than seeds. Take one Sri Lankan sex god…

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