Tasmanian Sperm Shortage: Cum to the party

The Courier Mail has given me an early Christmas present. Awoke in the already warm pre-dawn to work on the never-ending submission and look what the on-line paper gave me:


Seems there are only four sperm donors currently giving it up for Tassie. Is it just me or does this seem both screamingly funny and a fairly major potential problem? Alright, probably all the mainland gags about inbreeding are largely unjustified island bashing. Still, at present, all babies conceived in Tassie using an anonymous donor have 1 of 4 bio-daddies. Umm, hello? Are they going to mandate that those kids (1) only date and procreate off island or (2) spend their lives from 12 on forced to wear a tee-shirt that proclaims “Proudly conceived using sperm from Daddy #3”

I’m no statistician, but seems to me like Tassie may be only one generation off bringing all those 6-finger jokes to mutant life. Come on guys – all you Mainlanders whose swimmers are still wriggling. Why not plan a humanitarian trip Way Down Under and make a deposit or six while you’re there? If they pay for donations and you’re a prodigious wanker you might come out ahead – and it’s the safest and least exploitative form of sex tourism ever.

Disclaimer:  There is nothing funny about infertility, and I have every sympathy for women (and couples) who have difficulty conceiving.


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