Night Noodle Markets





Ok, sure, there were crowds and queues and you couldn’t sit down – but it was fabulous. Neon-lit lion dancers, lanterns everywhere, dozens of strings of cranes hanging from a pergola thingy, and most magnificent of all – Doughnut Time!


We wandered up the road to see if there was donutanything on at the flicks, and wound up at San Churro having hot chocolate, because there wasn’t.  It was like a night in Bangkok, except for the absence of ladyboys and poisoned cocktails.


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  1. I’m confused. You went to a noodle market and ate churros and doughnuts?

  2. For mains I had sticky pork spareibs and some dumplings. You really need a table to eat noodles effectively. Also, I can’t believe I’m getting flack for eating chocolate and doughnuts … isn’t that, like, our raison d’etre?

    • Drool….

      • Yes, after several weeks of supporting Gigantor’s vegetarianism those spare-ribs were da bomb.

  3. Sorry, no flack intended. I was just expecting some noodle pr0n. Carry on eating – you’re right, doughnuts and chocolate are the reason we have stomachs.

  4. I stole these photos from the interwebz because my phone camera’s not flash. Although it does have a rudimentary flash. TGP did offer me his iPhone which was sweet. It took me a disconcerting number of seconds to realise that wouldn’t work because the people who were trying to find me wouldn’t have his number.

  5. Last night we had Jen’s birthday dinner and Lyn made multiple delicious things she could eat on the low FODMAP diet. What brought that to mind was the cake, which was somewhere between a cake and a giant chocolate brownie and had several blocks of Lindt dark, dark choc in it. Yum. Evil son-in-law and I tested stouts and ate cake. I feel fine, honest.

  6. Yum!
    Yes, those night markets really are yummy. Except for the crowds, of course.
    Any plans to go see Miss Fisher’s wardrobe, MM?

    • Yep, go if you can. I’m a fully qualifying, card-carrying bloke and even I enjoyed it down here. The back story behind some of those things and the work they did for something that was seen for maybe 30 seconds on screen was amazing.

  7. Happy birthday Jen! That cake sounds amazing GB. It would have gone beautifully with stout. Mmmm….

    I remember the photos of Fifi at the Fisher exhibition. Yes, Madam, you should go. You’ll love it.

  8. Great minds, I plan to go on Monday morning when the crowds should be minimal, before i go back to the Coast. Having seen the ball GB and Fifi had there, I was not going to miss out.

    And it’s near a ferry stop. I kind of almost dont mind Brisvegas, as long as i can minimise my exposure to the roads.’ How I ever drove a taxi here is beyond me,.

  9. oooh! So can you take Elf Boy’s flash camera and get photos?
    I don’t know if I’ll get to that, the motivation to go to Brisbane, be it by car or by train, is still very low.
    That said, I still prefer Brisbane traffic to that at the Gold Coast. They’re on a lot more drugs and they’re a helluva lot stupider, down here.
    Although it is brilliant to be away from the West End cyclists, to which the drugs & idiocy observation applies, with spades.
    I plan to go to the Ekka with a GF so that we can see the cakes and the animals, not sure which day yet but when I go, I’ll be catching the train, that’s for sure.

  10. Hehehe. No, didn’t I tell you the whole point of this weekend? I’m alone! All parents, offspring and companion animals are ensconsed up at the Coast, and I am blissfully, peacefully, completely alone. So TGP’s iPhone is with him in the northern beaches.

    Gosh, this is awesome. I thought I was going mad, turns out it was the rest of them.

    However, I will report verbally, and try to estimate whether the traffic is worth it. I think I’ll drive into Southbank earlish, park, have coffee and then hop a ferry over to Gardens Point. Then reverse and go home from there. The getting out of Brisbane bit is always a pain, whatever your departure point.

    Funny you should say that, Mother and I – independantly – both toyed with going to the Ekka this year. We decided Taronga and Luna Park in the course of the Blue Mountains trip would do, instead. Have a ball and most definitely take the train.

  11. Luna Park is wonderful, but I was never much interested in Taronga. I always preferred the Jenolan Caves. It’s beautiful in there.

  12. Oooh, top tip! Grandma had an ancient picture book with a pixie in the Jenolan Caves, it’s still my favourite book.

    What do people like in Sydney city – TGP is determined to take a selfie at the Opera House?

  13. We went through Luna Park in Sydney a few years ago and it was all a bit sad. One of my GFs has family in Sydney & she likes to go to the Zoo as often as she can, so I’d suggest Zoo & explore the markets & shops around the rocks.
    The maritime museum was wonderful, too, so I’d put that up to the top of your list. They let us go on a decommissioned submarine, which really made us appreciate the ample size and space of NTO’s rat-cage flats.
    And it really was fabulous.
    Besides, if the Bloke’s niece plans to get the navy to pay for her study plans, you might want to do the same with your younglings. You might make a sailor out of one of your boys, yet.

  14. Hello, sailor!

  15. Funny you should say that, there was a radio ad for submariners and I thought, “Well, how much trouble can you get into a kilometre under water?|

  16. You could ask the guys from the Kursk… oh, wait…

  17. Your youngest could find (AKA: *make*) mischief five miles undergound, MM, so 1 mile underwater should pose no difficulty at all.
    The maritime museum was fabulous and we got to it via the ferries. I find those Sydney ferries far more interesting than the Brisbane city cat, so you’ll want to take the boys on that, surely?

  18. Yes, i already told Mum we’d do several ferries.

    And I was excited about the caves, but now you point out TGP’s propensity for mischeif, perhaps I shouldn’t take him down. I mean, they’re worrying about fracking.

  19. Don’t light any matches. Also, this:

  20. Hehehe. I caught several ferries during my trip to Vegas this weekend, and they were one of the highlights. If you could just live on the river, work on the river and never have to go anywhere on the roads, it wouldn’t be a bad old town.

  21. Oh, if only the government had given us a grant to start our offshore pirate school on the salvaged Costa Concordia. We could be avoiding the census as well as the roads.

  22. Oh, don’t depress me. I’m not looking forward to the Census. Can you pre-poll, like an election?

  23. I wish. Actually, I don’t want to do it at all. Flinty’s been posting articles about it on Facebook, and apparently now we have to provide our names and addresses on the form, and they will remain linked to any information we put in the forms. All the details will be identifiable until at least 2020, and as our last two governments have been happily giving our tax/ Centrelink/ Election/ Medical records to overseas companies, I’m really worried about how private our private information is. And that’s not counting the new online completion feature, which will leave all our information at risk of hacking. The ABS is countering the call to boycott the census with threats of a $180 per person, per day, fine for anyone who doesn’t fill it in. Is it just me, or does everyone else think the government has been reading 1984 as a guide book?

  24. I just did it, because I like roads and schools and hospitals.

    I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories, too, but really even since the Interwebz I feel like none of our personal information is that well hidden, anyway.

    And they’d have trouble bringing you to trial for something you wrote on the Census, because they’re not supposed to be looking at it. In that event you could always plead honest mistake.

    Who’s got a spare $180 per day?

  25. When you find out, let me know. $180 a day sounds like something I’d like to get in on*.

    (*except for those stupid emails that promise me $180 a day by simply buying their stupid programs that basically just tell you to send stupid emails to people who are stupid enough to pay for a stupid program that promises to pay $180 a day. They can stick that up their ginge.)

  26. Hmm. Who do we know who could write a spam email program?

    Oh, Greybeard, come over here a minute please?

  27. I had three spam emails last week, sent from MY OWN EMAIL! Smurfing spammers!

    • There’s only one solution. You must block yourself at once.

  28. Wow. That’s meta. Spamception!

  29. I’m not functional for coding or much else right now. It seems that Manspew is even worse than Manflu. Thought the wee ones were no longer infectious. Thought wrong. Oops, gotta go…

  30. Oh that’s just terrible. I’m very sorry for you, GB. Also – do’t infect Fifi!

  31. Oh she moved downstairs as soon as I started looking green. I’m wandering around with disinfectant wipes and trying to hold my breath a lot.

  32. Oh dear. GWS, Khan spews-a-alot.
    My, that Grandevil has a Steven King-like talent for delivering the upchucks. I think she’s already out-Sithed your youngest, MM.
    I’m still trying to figure out how best to utilise her talents.
    Or…unless… Can you arrange for her to visit Cory Bernardi or Peter Dutton the next time it’s Polly Kiss a Baby week?
    It seems a shame to waste it.

  33. A great idea, Q, but all of them have the best medical cover taxpayer funding can buy, and helicopters to fly them to the most expensive private hospital they can find. Seconded on the GWS, Greybeard. Try not to go into any room with carpet, you poor love, and remember to wash everything in vinegar to get rid of the mucus. Especially PB.

    • yes but it’s the suffering that counts.

  34. Hehehe. Excellent plan.

    It’s obvious to me that she needs to marry TGP as soon as they are of an age. Then they can found a dynasty of evil that will vanquish our foes and with any luck feather our retirement nests.

    Now, what are the contact details for the cat enclosure people? The alcoholic nymphomaniac next-door has out of the blue complained to Council about Jet. We know it’s not Flot because he never moves now. I won’t have the poor fur baby trapped and impounded, so I have no choice but to enclose them.

    Vengeance will be cold, as per recommended serving instructions.

  35. I’m out the door & on the run, but you can google the details – happy cat enclosures. If you can wait till later in the day I can play google detective but I’m pretty sure you’ll find him on that.
    I’m a fan of the enclosures just for cat & bird safety – never mind lunatic neighbours.
    They did a brilliant job & the vet says they are by far the best around so go for it!

  36. Happy Cat was enough, thanks. They don’t specify Sunshine Coast, though – I’ll email them and ask.

    There’s always the portable ones, too. Then I could change their scenery for them.

    • Yep. I’d go for the netting enclosure as the wire isn’t snake resistant. The cats love running up the side of the netting, too, or at least, they did when they were rooming with me. 🙂

  37. How utterly horrible! I can’t even think of a vengeance, cold or otherwise, that would be even close to appropriate. Some people deserve a bloody good kick up the bum.

    • You might have to start with council, Catty. When I checked the animal regs to see if we needed to register our felines for the move to the Gold Coast, the website said no, but you are only allowed to have two cats – for more you require a permit – and you are obliged to keep them on your property, the same as a dog.
      And yet I wake up every morning and see a selection of the neighbours’ cats slinking out of the forest, well bloated from a night of happy homicide in the Bonogin reserve. 😦
      They are killers, and they are horribly destructive when it comes to birds and native animals. Sorry MM, this may not go down well at the mo, but I’d be happy to have it enshrined in law that every house with a cat must be rigged out with a netted cat enclosure. Aside from stopping the carnage, it would prevent them getting attacked by dogs, snakes, other cats, and being bowled over by cars.

  38. I really am cross. The number of times she’s had drunken parties late into the night and I wanted to call the cops … or locked her son out of the house in all weathers, with him banging and banging on the door and her inside screaming at him to fuck off or SHE’LL call the cops (I don’t even know how that would work, poor boy is 10) … or, and this is the best one, I’ve found HER cat soiling my garage and thought, meh, cats ….

    Yawn. Too much wrath. Need a lie down.

    • She sounds like a nightmare.
      Just out of curiosity, how do you know which neighbour complained? Because all the councils swear that they won’t divulge that. And I’ve heard that they all do.
      I’ve had a few conversations with council about the yappy dog next door. I refused to give my name or address, or hers, having learned my lessons from NTO, and have established that they won’t do anything about anything unless more than one neighbour complains. And that information took three calls & is obviously not the standard fare that they dish out to the whiny public.
      I decided it’s not worth complaining about Madame and her yappy dog as 1. She will just put the bark collar back on the dog, and it’s the howling misery that upsets me the most and 2. it’s easier to avoid the Yapping Hours (2 hours after she leaves home & an hour before she returns home) and at least she has managed to get it to STFU at night, and sleep is my Non-Negotiable requirement.
      One of my GFs says that her alcoholic teacher sister has exactly the same sort of deranged designer dog & after 3 years of neighbour complaints, the barking is still unresolved and council are threatening to take the dog away from her.
      I’ve developed a Military Strategy for that, which is that if I want to do something that I know will make the dog bark, I time it so that I do it when her other neighbours (who babysit for her) are home and they can get pissed off by it.
      We aren’t high on her priority list, but they are. So I make sure that if the dog is going to annoy me, then the babysitters are home to be annoyed by it too.
      That seems to get results.
      FWIW I don’t think council are good for anything beyond pitting neighbours against each other & establishing bloody-mineded Hatfield & McCoy type feuds.

  39. Hey, there’s an idea. Catch her cat, then surrender it to the council and tell them it’s the one she was complaining about.

    • Two problems with that, Catty.
      1. your image on CCTV, that the bitch neighbour can ID, and which makes you look bad.
      2. The likelihood that anything you can do, she can do worse.

      • Yeah, I’ve had to swallow my thirst for vengeance with thoughts that she’s undoubtedly crazier, less employed and stupider than me – and the poor puppy is Home Alone most days.

  40. The Plumber suggested that I put up some cameras to get evidence. Which made me think, yes, I will – because that will annoy the living daylights out of her.

  41. Neighbours. Ours are fine (i.e. mostly invisible or pleasant) except for an almost identical-sounding small yappy dog next door. I have video of its endless howling, whining, crying and yapping for the council but I’ve heard they’re pretty feeble – see Hatfields and McCoys.

    On the bright side, the evil bug seems gone and Fifi remains uncontaminated by my presence. I still think the bleach baths and hazmat suits were a bit over the top.

    • Congrats on surviving the Plague. And re the yapper, have you showed the video to the neighbours, GB?
      The yapper next door has days when it’s silent and invisible & that makes it bearable. Either she’s medicating it (the vet said they calm down with anxiety meds, so perhaps she’s dosing it with hers) and I think the babysitter neighbours have days where they take pity on it & it goes next door with them to join them on the sofa watching reruns of General Hospital & Days of Our Lives.
      We’ve given up trying to talk to her about it because every conversation turns to how hard she’s doing it as a Single Working Mum.
      As the Bloke says, she’s only ever one sentence away from a crisis, and as it’s a simple matter to avoid her, that is what I do.
      You have to make a serious effort to find a neighbour to speak to in this neighbourhood – Pleasantville is quiet & still most times.
      And, like I said – it’s not hard to make it yap, so if I want to get something done & I know the dog will yap at it, I do it when she’s there, as her tolerance is about 1/50th of mine.
      It’s a cavoodle – a very silly choice for someone who is never home & intends for it never to leave her property. Those things are bred to be companion animals & being alone all day is hell and torment to it.
      Poor little dog.
      Anyway, my gut feeling is that she’ll get sick of it at some point & it will disappear.
      Our nice Scots neighbours that moved said that ever since she got it all she’s done is to complain about it.
      Like I said – one sentence away from a crisis.
      Thankfully the walls are thick and with the doors & windows shut & the AC running, you don’t hear it.

      • Speaking of serenity, how good are these howling arctic winds with the promise of more rain!

      • I know! When the wind howls like this through the forest, it always makes me think of WB Yeats ‘a prayer for my daughter’.
        I don’t know why. I guess that one must have really taken hold of me during my uni Lit class.

  42. Don’t question Fifi – she has her reasons.

  43. Could it have been all those rockmelons she’s been feeding you. GB?

  44. Hehehe. Catty, you’re on fire this week.

  45. Much like GB’s bottom.

    • Oh man that’s low. Not the bottom. I mean they all tend to sag a bit as we get older but – look that doesn’t matter. That was a scalding, er, scathing comment.

  46. Are you feeling better, GB? #vaseline

  47. Yep, I’m fine now thank you. One thing about having grandkids around is plentiful supplies of Amylin(sp?) etc. But all good.

  48. Huzzah!

  49. Good to hear. Not that I can hear much over the smurfing police helicopter that’s hovering over our street. There’s a swarm of forensics policemen covering a flash red sports car parked sideways in the middle of the road a few doors down from us, and a very nervous junkie scratching himself and muttering into his mobile phone outside the in-law’s house. Ho hum. A normal day in Knockers.

  50. Aaaaand the Boss set off our car alarm. Now we have police swarming all over our house.

  51. OMG. I hope the, um, herb garden is well camouflaged … I mean mulched. Yeah, mulched.

  52. Recently harvested, thank goodness. The story actually made the news for once. I’m surprised. This sort of stuff happens here every week.

  53. I saw it! I must say it looks lovely from the air. You must save some of these for when you decide to sell.

  54. LOL. Now why didn’t I think of taking some happy snaps when they arrested the meth dealer at Bog Hollow, years ago?

  55. I’m sure it’s archived. If you ever sell the Casa, you can trawl through the public record.

  56. There could be some good shots on the phones they stole, too.

  57. We used to be able to fall back on Special Branch files. What a pity they’ve all been shredded.

  58. There’s a thought. If the ABS is linking census information with tax, medical, Centrelink and education files, do you reckon they will also be linking it with police files?

  59. Surely they will! I’m not signing us up for any of this computerized medical record nonsense, I know that much. It’s one thing for someone to hack your bank account, no-one’s going wading through any of our medical history.

  60. Unless the government hands our medical details over to a private company… oh, wait….

  61. Sigh. I think I’m too old for another alias. I’ve only just got used to this one.

  62. This is what you get for choosing such a distinctive alias. There’s 22 of me in the local Spotlight’s email list, and I think 15 of them live in Burleigh Waters. Every time there’s another shooting down there I wonder if it’s a terminator looking for me, via the Spotlight Customer Bonus Points list.

  63. Speaking of the Old Coast, The Plumber was telling me that it’s a hotbed of car-jacking. You always lock your doors when driving, I’m sure.

  64. Oh God yes. Our car does the auto-locking thing, so you can’t open the doors from the outside, but it takes a few seconds to kick in if you’ve pressed the release button to let a passenger step in.
    If I’m at the train station or such I always flick the button to hurry it up.
    The scariest thing so far is the drivers who are obviously off their heads on drugzzz, be they prescription or from the Burleigh Waters Mexican Pharmacist.
    The train trip back to Vagus is infinitely preferable to sharing tarmac space on the M1 with that.

  65. No doubt I’ll keep saying it until I’m dead, but Ice is just the absolute worst drug I’ve ever seen. Mind you alcohol and roads are also a shocking combination.

  66. I hear tell it’s not just the alcohol and Drugz affecting drivers. Apparently there’s a bunch of retrograde planets and apocalypse meteors and stuff exerting unusual electro-magnetic influence on the planet. It’s been bringing out more loonies than full moon on a king tide, and disrupting everyone’s sleep patterns, so even the sane people are too tired to drive right. Wise move, taking the train Q.

    If we’re going to use aliases, might I propose we use our superhero names? I’m eager to take Celia Lyte out for a spin – but only after a nap. I don’t want to risk running any red lights.

  67. Well, that explains a lot of things this week and especially The Plumber. Shame I can’t just take to my bed until it’s over.

  68. Well here’s hoping that explains the weird noise the car was making yesterday on the flood plains of the Tweed Valley, and it wears off when the wind changes.
    What’s the plumber done now, MM, don’t tell me he’s talking commitment again? Because you know my opinions on that word, it applies firmly to psychiatric problems in institutions & any other application of it leads you straight down that road.

  69. I like having a man around the house. You never know when there will be a spider in the bathtub, or a jar I can’t open.

  70. Right, given the wide open nature of The Box, I’m taking this thread over to Q’s joint.

  71. I’m not sure Q smokes those things, Madam.

  72. My lungs don’t discriminate when it comes to smoke, Catty, they fill up with nasty air-clogging mucous from it all.

  73. One of the departing Coolum High student’s yearbook quotes was “Call me Spiderman, cos I love Mary Jane.”

  74. Perhaps they slept through the end of the movie, otherwise they’d know that didn’t work out so well.

  75. They meant University cigarettes. I doubt they ever comprehend the ending of anything.

  76. Poor Spidey. He’s such a loser.

  77. I know who Mary Jane is…I just meant, surely they’d see the futility in that analogy but you’re right, no, they wouldn’t.

  78. He’s too emo. I like Deadpool better. Spidey makes wisecracks but he doesn’t seem to be able to approach his own problems with much levity.

    Huh. Spiderman is Everyman!

  79. I always suspected at least half his enemies only hate him because he won’t shut up. Including his boss.

  80. I just talked to my Boss. Oh no. do you think he hates me now?

    • Hah. As if anyone could hate you.

      • I’m good as gold. Mum made shortbread.

  81. My second-last boss hated* me for being a smart-arse! I know – unbelievable, right? We were going through a period of site-wide power cuts that lasted hours, even all day. Now workstations, servers, routers, switches and the like don’t work all that well without electrickery so I said I’d take the techs up to O’Toole’s Irish pub and asked her to ring me if the power came on. Reasonable I thought, but no. And when the department was offering the old & burned out $50,000 to nick off, a friend and I went in and said we were useless and incompetent and could we please have 50 grand to go away. The reply was unprintable…

  82. Hehehe. The nerve of some people!

  83. Funny, GB, the same thing happened to me when Paul Keating was trying to sack everybody. I was lining up for a nice little redundancy package, and they gave me a promotion instead. How rude!

  84. The cheek of some people!

  85. Well, I finally put my creative writing course to good use. That census form was fun!

  86. Mwahahahaha!

    What shall we call you now?

  87. I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, Dave.

  88. Ok. Just open the pod bay door, there’s a love.

  89. Arnold Rimmer? Or Ace Rimmer?

  90. Put it this way: Serco and the PRC are going to have a little trouble matching my data to other departments.

  91. Right, Thursday is promises deferred day. So I hope to have a pic of my knitting up in a new post before nightfall.

    Meanwhile, we all have what can only be bubonic plague, but with intractable night-time coughing. Hope everyone else is better!

    • That stinks MM. All the best to you all. Perhaps TGP could take his mind off his suffering by chalking a large red X on the front door or walking around the yard ringing a bell and shouting “bring out yer dead”? Do you have a cart?

      • No. We could sure use a cart.

  92. That sucks, you poor love. Are you sure you should be knitting with the plague? Knit one, hurl one….

    Get some chicken soup into you, and don’t forget to put vapour rub on the soles of your feet when you go to bed. GWS, and big hugs.

  93. I feel ridiculous saying this to a GP but MM, have you tried using a ventolin inhaler? I’ve given mine to non-asthmatics who were afflicted with such & it seems to work a treat.
    Otherwise, I’ve found that strong peppermint sweets seem to help. I’m prone to that horrid asthmatic dry cough, after I’ve had a chesty cold, and I’ve found that the humbug/bullseyes work better than any potion designed by Gaia or Big Pharma to kill the tickle.

  94. Tickle me, Elmo!

  95. Hehehehe. Not Tickle Me Elmo! I thought I’d laid that beast to rest.

    i think it’s this bird flu variant that’s doing the rounds. Thanks for the sympathy but I’m fine, really. you know how after the first day or two of initial viral infestation it sort of moves down out of your head and you feel human again? I’ve managed to jag a much-sought-after spot with the boys’ doctor this arvo so hopefully we can come away with some symptomatic relief. And a stern interdiction against Friday night football – Gigantor thought he might skip school but swan onto the AFL field.


    Not ridiculous at all, Q, the same thing crossed my mind – but at night. when all the pharmacies were shut. Anyway, as none of us have any puffer technique I don’t know how much he could get into his airways. Plus he has enough incentive towards inhalants at school!

  96. It’s no different than beer, really, you just suck on the neck till you’re giddy & you see little fluttery stars.
    Boys & their AFL, good grief.

  97. I know. Absolute stupidity. Luckily he felt poorly enough so that even he admitted the most he could do was stand at the side of the field.

    I decided to dose them up with some codeine before bed. Not after a wrangle with the pharmacist who had run out of kiddie’s liquid panadeine(you’d think he’s big enough now but TGP won’t swallow pills).

    Me “OK, just give me some pills and I’ll crush them up in jam for him.”
    Pharmacist “But it’s not safe! You don’t know what dose he’s getting!”
    Me (bewildered) “Umm, yes I will. Because he’ll have whatever the correct dose is, just crushed into a bit of jam.”

    After a nauseating amount of to and fro it turns out she thought I’d grind up the whole packet and we’d all do lines or something. Complete insanity. How does she think we dosed kids before they invented sweet liquid medicines?

    • She sounds young. Too young to have ever been sat down in a quiet corner of the pub with a wonder woman comic & a pink lemonade that’s been laced with cherry brandy.

  98. Ah, yes, I remember aspirins crushed in honey. My father also made a ‘special’ medicine when we were sick. It was a sweet liquid that I can only assume was some sort of placebo. He never did tell me the ingredients, but when I would try to spy on him, he would have half the contents of the pantry out. There’d be everything from peanut butter to Worcestershire sauce on the bench. One day I must ask him what was in that stuff. It might explain some of my gastrointestinal disturbances.

  99. We used to do exactly the same thing – but it was to test if people were really hypnotised when we put them under.

    Q, is that called a Tallulah Bankhead?

  100. Mmmmm…. Cherry brandy lemonade…. It made me break out in hives, but boy I loved that stuff! I never got a Wonder Woman comic, though. I had a Wonder Woman colouring book once, but that was it. I didn’t enjoy it much, partly because my brother kept stealing my red pencils, and partly because the plane was really hard to colour in.

  101. It was like the pencils just absorbed into the page, leaving the outlines? Hehehehe.

  102. It was a cheap colouring book. I had to draw my own outlines.

  103. We call those sketch-books. What’s the word for togs in Victoria?

  104. Catty’s here all week folks, but before you go, try the aspirins in honey with a cherry brandy chaser. And the veal.

    • Groan.

      • Aspirins don’t dissolve in cherry brandy. See if you can guess how I know this?

  105. That’s freaky. If cherry brandy can dissolve your liver and the enamel on your teeth, what is it about aspirin that is so resilient?

    And following on, if it also resists bat guano, should we cover our cars’ paintwork with aspirins?

    No, forget that. Application of all those tabs would be a real headache.

  106. *groans* Where’s that waitress? I’m still waiting for my veal.

  107. The veal’s gone home to Mother. Try this dim sim left over from footy last night.

  108. You went to footy after all? Tsk tsk. You should all have been at home tucked up in your sick beds. What happened?

  109. Gigantor “Just wanted to go along to support his team” and before I knew it we were giving “Chris” a lift. Of course Gigantor played all 4 quarters. He had a huge spew about 10 minutes into the first but gamboled back onto the field shortly after. TGP and I nearly froze to death.

  110. Ugh. Cold dim sims. No wonder he spewed.

  111. Unless the veal is off this week?

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