Too much scrolling through the previous comments, so check this out.  It filled the gallery.  To get an idea of scale, I could walk under the second loop easily.


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  1. Wow. What the hell is that thing? is it art, or a reconstruction of something that slithered through Gondwanaland when the dinosaurs roamed the earth?

  2. And have you got episode 8 of Riverdale yet? It’s not popping up on our screen & I’m wondering what’s up with that. Our subscription is really old, so perhaps that’s an extra that I didn’t sign up for. Who knows.

  3. You promised there would be no more Nope Ropes!

  4. It’s Art, though, Catty … if you really can’t bear it, I’ll change it out. It’s made of metal, Q … brushed aluminium, I think I remember(?). I agree, though, it looks like they unearthed the Rainbow Serpent.

    The DEVASTATING news about Riverdale is that for no good reason I know of they’re not releasing the new episode until 31st March!! That’s still 11 days away *sob*

  5. It’s fabulous, and almost tempting enough to make me want to visit GOMA. Albeit in a wheelchair, given how my feet are feeling after our post-gorging walkies yesterday.
    Well that sucks, stupid netflix. Why do the movie people always have to punish us for being in Australia? Sometimes I think they deserve all the damned pirating that goes on.

  6. Nothin’ wrong with a bit of pirating, me hearties, if it’s accompanied by pillaging and plundering…. also ravishing, if I can find Timothy Dalton’s address.

  7. Arrrrrgh! i used to like plundering, now browsing and snacking are more my speed.

    Q, it would be worth a bit of swelling, really the whole thing is amazing. And to think you can just go for free seems extra special. I love living in a country where art is still considered worthwhile and available to the masses should they choose. For now, anyway.

    • Oh yes, I’m with you on that one. I grew up with my mother’s family all carrying on like morons about the uselessness of all forms of art & creativity & I’d hate for anyone to number me among them.
      the thing is that a lengthy stint on my feet is never ‘free’ – it comes at a price, and that’s coping with the pain of my hip rotating at an unnatural angle & then a couple of weeks of torment with my spine, waiting for the osteo to fit me in & to wrench it all back in place again.
      Did you see the shorts for tonight’s Australian Story? I’m in complete sympathy with whatserface’s mother & her choice to quietly opt out. That’s my plan, and I’ll be happy to slither off to the next world when I’m 70, rather than live with chronic joint pain in a dull haze of opiate addiction.
      I keep meeting dog people who’ve said that they looked into their dog’s eyes & knew that their dog wanted to go, so while it broke their heart’s they knew that it was time for the needle at the vet.
      Why people can’t accept that when a loved one actually tells them that in plain English is utterly beyond me.
      They do say that the Boomer generation will drive the legalisation of euthanasia, and it’ll make it an acceptable choice for sufferers of chronic pain.
      I hope so.

  8. Can’t happen soon enough! Other than the wisdom of saving people from suffering, it’s so much more sensible to not waste heaps of money and lots of young lives caring for people who don’t know which end is up. Nursing homes are much better than they used to be, I’m told. But still *shudder*

  9. Yep. The Bloke’s mother is settling miserably into her nursing home, & the Bloke was advised not to visit her on the weekend as there’s some sort of Plague that has them in lockdown, so they’re not receiving guests.
    I asked what it was, but as the message had been filtered through his father, and the man subsists on ham sandwiches washed down with beer & Scotch, no sensible response was forthcoming.
    So until I’m informed otherwise I’m going to assume what I’ve long suspected, MIL’s evil is contagious and there’s been an uncontainable outbreak of it amongst both staff & residents.

  10. I can’t bring myself to support euthanasia. I understand the arguments for it, and sympathise with the desire to end pointless suffering, but in this country? C’mon, you’ve seen the clowns taking turns running things down there in Canberra. How long do you reckon it would take for them to start using it for state-sanctioned murder? It’s far easier to prevent euthanasia than it is to reverse it once it’s implemented and misused. And it WILL be misused. Legalise euthanasia and I can guarantee Logan’s Run will change from Sci Fi to Prediction far sooner than you’d think.

    • Q, I think you’ve given me a workable plot for a horror remake of Coccoon.

      Catty, I think you’re rprobably right in practise. The other thing that concerns me is who will be doing the offing. I think there need to be Euthanasaticians. You can’t expect people’s family doctors to start knocking people off as a sideline without there being a huge amount of stress for both sides.

  11. Happy to be of service, MM. Humour me, and add some giant spiders, just for kicks?

  12. *moar shudders*

  13. Giant spiders are good value. Did you see Stephen King’s the Mist? Living dead people enmeshed in spider silk look terrific on film.

  14. Have you seen The Maze Runner? I almost walked out of the theatre I was so terrified.

  15. Yeah, that was a good flick, for a teen action. It would have been confronting for you, though, Catty.

  16. Another one I’ve missed.That spider mesh sounds fabulous. Who do I call to ensnare & then incubate some bogans?

  17. The Mist. But it’s a bit complicated. You have to accidentally open a portal into a alternative Universe.

  18. As opposed to opening the portal on purpose…. (looking at you, GB).

  19. Yes, I told you not to buy that used Stargate on Gumtree, GB.

  20. But he was right about it making an awesome trampoline.

  21. Nothing springier than a warp in the dimensional matrix.

  22. Ah, so that’s the secret to the CWA’s perfect sponge CAEK. Quokka, you’ve been holding out on us.

  23. It doesn’t explain the award-winning French jellies, though.

  24. There’s a French Twist in the time-space continuum, of course. I’m planning to use it when I turn my hand to choux pastry & eclairs.

  25. Save yourself the grief and go straight to the Mary Berry choux pastry recipe. I’ve used it many times and it always works perfectly.

  26. Mum makes lovely choux. If she has some top tips I’ll pass them on.

  27. Thanks, ladies. I checked & that recipe is indeed inside my Mary Berry Baking Bible. Lurve that book.

  28. i hope you’ve had some of this glorious rain now, Q? We were lashed by another deluge overnight.

  29. We’ve had some rain too. Specifically at school pick up and drop off times. Of course.

  30. yes that’s exactly what BOM predicted for SEQ tomorrow. Wet children & angry motorists. I think I’ll stay home with a good book & stay well out of it.
    yes we’ve had some lovely rain, MM. I hear sounds of Whining filtering through the soundproofing so I’m guessing Wendy has come home to find that she’s partially submerged, again.
    Although it was predictable I confess I’m not finding as entertaining as I’d thought.
    perhaps when the mosquitos start breeding in her newly created swampland…

    • Or she gets such a fine crop of mushrooms on the downstairs carpets that they try to set up a Farmer’s Market in her rumpus room?

  31. Mmmmm…. we had a rather fine chicken and mushroom casserole last night. Maybe I should give Wendy the recipe?

  32. We have had a lot of mushrooms springing up in the wet, I might supplement my own income with a carton of them.

  33. I found some interesting bright yellow ones in the giant flowerpot on our doorstep this morning. I wonder how they would taste?

  34. Like sunshine & buttercups?

  35. Either quite nice
    OR like a Jimi Hendrix solo appreciated through a kaleidoscope
    OR it would be the last thing you ever tasted.

  36. So, don’t eat them, then? O.k. I’ll have CAEK instead.

  37. Mmm … CAEK.

  38. MIL is shouting lunch today for her birthday. Being a Lent Friday, I will not be able to eat any meat at the buffet. So, straight to the dessert bar for me. Aren’t I a good little Catholic?

  39. Oh, what a pity. Have some hot caramel fudge for me.

  40. And some hot chocolate fudge sauce for me.

  41. They had tubs of both, and a tub of hot custard. There was hot apple crumble, cherry mousse slice, 4 types of sponge cake, both chocolate and vanilla mousse, brownies, jelly cups, 4 types of pudding (including creme brulée), three different flavours of ice cream (and wafer cones), and about 20 types of topping. It was beautiful. Especially the bowls. They actually had huge soup bowls at the dessert bar! There was also a coffee bar, although that was a little annoying. The cups were tiny, and I had to refill every time I went back for more dessert. I’m only supposed to have two cups a day, not 8.

    • Creme brulee is my favorite. What magical place was this?

    • Oh wow. That sounds amazing. What a fabulous thing to do as a BD treat.

  42. It was at the Templestowe Hotel. The Boss and I were the only younger people there, so I felt obliged to have some serious food first (nobody wants to piss off a room full of grandmas), and I must say their sushi was magnificent. I was lying in bed last night craving more of it. This is doubly impressive because I’ve never really liked sushi before. Also, the salad vegetables had a rich flavour that only comes from a farmer’s market. It was so good, I almost went back for a second serve of the buffet. But no, the lure of the dessert bar was too strong. Also, all the grandads were raving about the massive chunks of tender, tasty roast they were getting from the carvery section of the buffet, and I didn’t want to be led into meaty temptation.

    • If I come back, not in Lent, can wer go back for lunch?

  43. Oh, no no no…. if we go anywhere, it has to be this place: https://www.facebook.com/TheRunawayScrape/

    You’ll have the meat sweats before dessert, but it will be soooooo worth it.

  44. I’ll stick with the dessert bar. I don’t see tofu on Smokey’s menu & I have a deep & abiding distrust of savoury sauces. Anything that looks like gastro before you put it into your body can’t possibly augur well for what it’ll look like on the way out.

  45. They do a Southern Comfort barbecue sauce that tastes like…. um…. oh, I can’t describe it. It’s too good for mere words.

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