Writer, mother, gardener, cook, extreme sportswoman… one or more of the above may be an out-and-out lie. Check out the blog and see if you can tell which one.

Member of: Coolum Wave Writers; Queensland Writer’s Centre

Working on: Short stories for the Wave Writers’ third anthology, “Plot and Plotters”, to be released mid-2010; first draft of second novel; getting an agent and publisher for the first novel; not going troppo in this stinking heat


8 Responses

  1. Nobody with your unfailing eye for the absurd could possibly climb Everest, dive caves, base jump, aerial ski, beat Casey Stoner or win a pie eating contest. Too easy!

  2. I like the cut of your jib, Stafford… but you have yet to appreciate the fluid economy of time and motion that is me eating a pie.

  3. Yep, I can see abandoned and messy!

    • Hehehe.

      No, that’s me having… oops, best not complete that thought. Children might find this page.

  4. So glad to know you get so much enjoyment from watermelon!

  5. Oh yes, Stafford. As a proud Queenslander I enjoy all of our tropical fruits.

    Especially the sticky ones.

  6. Its my first time, be gentle with me……….

  7. Hey, Hooray – if that is your real name – welcome! But don’t lurk here in about where no one will see you. Come and join us in “High Anxiety”.

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