Cat Jail

27 August, 2016 - 191 Responses


OK, not our actual house but you know what I’m like with taking photos.  The enclosure we got is very similar, but it has marine carpeting to the base, also.  And an extra high shelf with ramp.  The tunnel to TGP’s window is shorter and there is a lockable cat flap.

I went with this mob because they coat the metal with something that’s said to be stronger than galvanising and meant to last 10 years plus.  As you know anything metal here usually rusts out in under 6 months and although I love Q’s Cat Max, I was concerned the fittings would crumble.

The good news is poor agoraphobic Flotsam can now venture out for a sunbathe.  The other good news is Dad paid for 2/3 of it.  Huzzah!


Voila! The knitting

13 August, 2016 - 135 Responses


Better late than never?  The darker coloured squares are the lovely silk/wool that Spotlight didn’t re-stock (bastards).  The multicoloured wool is the Noro wool/silk – you can see in the pic how it’s a bit slubby but it feels gorgeous and is lovely to knit.

Now what shall I knit?


Night Noodle Markets

30 July, 2016 - 135 Responses





Ok, sure, there were crowds and queues and you couldn’t sit down – but it was fabulous. Neon-lit lion dancers, lanterns everywhere, dozens of strings of cranes hanging from a pergola thingy, and most magnificent of all – Doughnut Time!


We wandered up the road to see if there was donutanything on at the flicks, and wound up at San Churro having hot chocolate, because there wasn’t.  It was like a night in Bangkok, except for the absence of ladyboys and poisoned cocktails.


4 July, 2016 - 258 Responses


Self-portrait having endured election campaign.


15 June, 2016 - 145 Responses


You’d think I’d twig to the coming of my birthday month.  I couldn’t find the calendar page, but I decided I liked this one even better.  Boy, fetch me my cudgel!


7 May, 2016 - 309 Responses


It’s May!  Time, apparently, for a little dancing and some winged horse action.  So, pretty much like Woodstock in a doublet.  Huzzah!


4 April, 2016 - 304 Responses


I must be the April fool because we’re 4 days in and I just realised we needed a new thread.  Huzzah to the crisp nights and shorter days, surely it can’t be long before we thrill to Winter’s chill embrace.


7 March, 2016 - 192 Responses


Time is Marching on.  Soon it will be glorious winter!



14 February, 2016 - 119 Responses

The month of love.  The fact that it is also the shortest month is not at all coincidental.


Well, here we are again.

9 January, 2016 - 206 Responses


Mindful of Q’s reception and iIssues, I thought it best to start a new thread.  OK, let the chattering commence.