Pulling a Swifty
28 November, 2009

Are you allowed to throw in a Swifty if your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek? For those who came in late, a Swifty is an adverb that’s just a fraction too apposite to be anything but hilarious – and stupid. E.g: “The lightbulb’s blown!” he muttered darkly; “I got first prize!” she exclaimed winningly; “Turn the amp to 11!” he cried noisily.

My character had just been told by his assistant that his agent’s on the phone:

‘Literary or celebrity?’ he asked

‘It’s Harry M.’ she stage-whispered.

Adverb Hell
25 November, 2009

For my sins I am revising the MS today. A search for ‘ly’ found 584 instances – so other than a handful of legitimate uses (‘family’ ‘belly’ ‘lyric’ ‘polyester’) I have a great many bits of sloppy ugly writing to amend.

Mea culpa.

Oh look, there’s another one. I just typed ‘ugly’.

“Help me, I’m melting” she screeched, drippily.