Steak n Kidney
19 September, 2016


Gigantor and I enjoyed his first flight ever. on Friday night.  I advised him to enjoy the hostie’s safety dance. She brandished the demo gas mask.

Me: “Oh, don’t worry about this bit. Oxygen is an add-on. You’ll just have to steal the breath out of old mate’s lungs in the event of loss of cabin pressure.”

He stared at me for more than 30 seconds making the “what even?” face before the penny dropped.

We stayed in Mantra 2 a short walk from Circular Quay which was delightful, especially when I got up before the others yesterday and had the rooftop spa to myself.

We had planned to do Zoo and Luna Park but sense prevailed and we enjoyed a lovely day at Taronga on Saturday.  Highlights were seeing a Komodo dragon nearly close enough for it to drench us in poisoned spit, and a shark laying an egg.  And there’s a lemur enclosure where you can be in the same space as the lemurs!  It was a beautiful clear but not too hot day and I was struck by how friendly the keepers were and how every time you looked up there was another postcard slice of the Harbour to admire.

The lass pictured has a shar pei/staffie cross and I think I persuaded her to take the dog to the beach when she got off duty instead of Woolies and house-cleaning.

Went to the Rocks on Sunday but slightly hampered by a marathon and the grey drizzly weather  We decided that yes, it is pretentious to wear your finisher’s medallion around over your street clothes well after the end of the race.  Gelati for breakfast and a long browse through a button shop.

So far, so fabulous!







Happy Thingy
18 December, 2009

Got over Christmas at about the age of 9, when it became my job to be woken by the little kids pre-dawn. Armed with only stockings, I then had to keep them quiet until Mum and Dad rose at their leisure. Spent my teens and twenties Grinching it up, big time. But now I’ve given birth to Magic Man and Elf Boy, I’m feeling… well, not exactly stuffed with Christmas Spirit (hold the sage, it burns!) but… fractionally festive.

If you hive off the rampant consumerism, forget all about Merry Old Cola Beverage Marketing Man and the fact that Down Under, December and January are months best spent in a polar bear enclosure –  rather than frolicking in the UV radiation turning your own back-yard into an all-you-can-eat buffet, minus the food safety standards – then it’s not such a bad little festival. Poor kid is born to a single mum, grows up and instead of setting fire to things, smoking all the hashish he can steal and hot-wiring the neighbours’ donkey carts chooses instead to teach us to be nice to people and peaceful. Fair enough – I’ve heard worse messages (for the purposes of this blog we’ll pretend the Book of Revelations never happened, ‘kay?).

Be safe and nice, people. And I hope 2010 is terrific, for you and yours.