17 August, 2012

Sad news today for all on-line vendors of witchcraft and wizardry – eBay is set to ban the sale of magical workings from the first of September.

So get in quick if you need a mystical unicorn incantation or a little something to thwart the mother-in-law.

While they’re at it, there are a few other things eBay should look at banning: lots of happy meal toys, which may or may not be broken and, let’s face it, were without value new; Twilight merchandise; and vintage toilet paper.

No, I’m not kidding –


What else do you think we could do without on eBay?


Light My Fire
27 February, 2011

You’ve probably heard that a voodoo sex ritual has been blamed for starting a fatal fire in a New York apartment building:

It seems that discarded clothing, a protective circle of splashed rum and the lit candles around the bed proved an incendiary combination.

What gets me, though, is that the lady involved went to the Voodoo priest’s apartment wanting to rid herself of obstacles and turn her life around. She gave the dude $300 – okay, American dollars but they’re still worth something –  and let him have sex with her. Candle-knocking-over, lost-in-the moment sex, it seems.

Nice work if you can get it, Voodoo Dude.

The other striking feature of this case is the appalling commentary from NY Post readers. Noo Yawkers have a great deal of scathing, ill-informed and flat-out racist things to say about people from the Caribbean. Allegedly, these are the only people who burn candles… always, according to the commentators, with a callous and ignorant disregard for human life. Many expressed their desire to expunge all Caribbean and South American (que? because of Santeria, one assumes) people from entire residential areas.

Nice one, Seppos. Makes you proud to be Australian.