Pulling a Swifty
28 November, 2009

Are you allowed to throw in a Swifty if your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek? For those who came in late, a Swifty is an adverb that’s just a fraction too apposite to be anything but hilarious – and stupid. E.g: “The lightbulb’s blown!” he muttered darkly; “I got first prize!” she exclaimed winningly; “Turn the amp to 11!” he cried noisily.

My character had just been told by his assistant that his agent’s on the phone:

‘Literary or celebrity?’ he asked

‘It’s Harry M.’ she stage-whispered.


Can’t stop
26 November, 2009

I’ve never come within a few thousand words of completing a book-length manuscript before, so this is a new one on me. I don’t want to finish!

I know what will happen, I’m excited to take the characters there, I’m getting up at 3:30 every morning and doing my 2,000 words – but I don’t want the fun to end.

Maybe because after “The End” comes the revision – or as Dr Kim Wilkins described it in a recent edition of WQ, “the puppy autopsy” ?

Help me, finishers… is this common – and is there a known cure?

Adverb Hell
25 November, 2009

For my sins I am revising the MS today. A search for ‘ly’ found 584 instances – so other than a handful of legitimate uses (‘family’ ‘belly’ ‘lyric’ ‘polyester’) I have a great many bits of sloppy ugly writing to amend.

Mea culpa.

Oh look, there’s another one. I just typed ‘ugly’.

“Help me, I’m melting” she screeched, drippily.

Hurrah for Annette Hughes
23 November, 2009

Yesterday, thanks to our fabulous Sunshine Coast Regional Council – on ya Bob! – I had the opportunity to be mentored by Annette Hughes.

She is a generous, talented, insightful and all round marvelous woman… if what I write from now on is still absolute crap it will in no way be for want of Annette trying to help me.

So buy her book, attend her workshops, and please do all you can to support our Council in their works – yes, silly boyz who think setting the bins outside the library on fire is hectic, I’m blogging at you. Cut it out.

Check out: