Drag Bingo

7 April, 2017 - 134 Responses


A fabulous evening with the captivating Miss Melony Breasts and the talented Miss Sal Monella.  It was the Bison Bar – the same venue as the Datson + Hughes single launch.  And I won the final call, and was presented with the coveted Bingo Scrubber award, so now I can die happy.



20 March, 2017 - 135 Responses


Too much scrolling through the previous comments, so check this out.  It filled the gallery.  To get an idea of scale, I could walk under the second loop easily.


5 February, 2017 - 405 Responses


The always lovely Ildi and I met at GOMA yesterday and spent the next 4 hours marvelling at GOMA’s 10th birthday party.  The installation by an Icelandic(of course) artist who has a name like something complicated from IKEA but fortunately for Anglophones goes by “shoplifter” had to be stroked to be believed, and there was an installation in a dark gallery made simply of lighting and a smoke machine that played with your mind – in a good way.  We agreed that every cent of our tax dollars that it costs is well worth while. Do yourself a favour.




Thank Smurf We are Still Standing

20 January, 2017 - 161 Responses


It had already been a hectic and strange – even for us – day in the Cabana of Chaos.  Gigantor and I were chilling as Australia came in to bat against the Pakis, when he dragged me outside to look at “the amazing sunset”.

With vibrant orange illuminating puffs of cloud, it was no sunset.  The bush behind the houses on the street running along the end of ours was ablaze.  I checked the police feeds and sure enough, a fire that started west of the Sunshine Motorway earlier in the afternoon had jumped the road and was heading for us.

When I saw a map on Facebook that included us in an advised evacuation zone, I had to stare at it for a few minutes until the streets that I had driven and dog-walked resolved into any sense.

Gigantor has obviously watched enough American Preppers because he had his bike – and school supplies, bless – in the car while I was still wandering in circles trying to find the cat carrier (still on loan to a friend).  In that time the wind dropped, the apocalyptic glow had moved north-west of us and we decided to stay put.

I’d like to thank the crews, and relief crews, of firies that battled all night to defend us.  Most of those blokes – and sheilas, if applicable – are volunteers, who, as Gigantor said, would have been having a beer or so watching the cricket until called to risk their health and lives so we could continue to enjoy ours.  I was given 3 copies of the Firies’ Calendar this Christmas and wasn’t sure what to do with the overflow.  Now I don’t think that was enough!  Thanks, fellas.  Nice work.


Advent of Doom

12 December, 2016 - 307 Responses


Less than two weeks until the Clan gathers in our formerly peaceful beach town.  The shopping’s been done, the seafood has been ordered, now the panicking can commence.

Krampus is coming, dear readers.  Pray for my soul, such as it is.

Sunshine Coast Represent

11 November, 2016 - 387 Responses


In response to Q and Catty.  If that makes no sense you may have typed the wrong url into Chrome.



28 September, 2016 - 333 Responses

Just sold a story.  Contracts not yet exchanged so details to follow, but a real-life sale of my stupid work will soon eventuate.  Who thought this day would ever come?

Steak n Kidney

19 September, 2016 - 88 Responses


Gigantor and I enjoyed his first flight ever. on Friday night.  I advised him to enjoy the hostie’s safety dance. She brandished the demo gas mask.

Me: “Oh, don’t worry about this bit. Oxygen is an add-on. You’ll just have to steal the breath out of old mate’s lungs in the event of loss of cabin pressure.”

He stared at me for more than 30 seconds making the “what even?” face before the penny dropped.

We stayed in Mantra 2 a short walk from Circular Quay which was delightful, especially when I got up before the others yesterday and had the rooftop spa to myself.

We had planned to do Zoo and Luna Park but sense prevailed and we enjoyed a lovely day at Taronga on Saturday.  Highlights were seeing a Komodo dragon nearly close enough for it to drench us in poisoned spit, and a shark laying an egg.  And there’s a lemur enclosure where you can be in the same space as the lemurs!  It was a beautiful clear but not too hot day and I was struck by how friendly the keepers were and how every time you looked up there was another postcard slice of the Harbour to admire.

The lass pictured has a shar pei/staffie cross and I think I persuaded her to take the dog to the beach when she got off duty instead of Woolies and house-cleaning.

Went to the Rocks on Sunday but slightly hampered by a marathon and the grey drizzly weather  We decided that yes, it is pretentious to wear your finisher’s medallion around over your street clothes well after the end of the race.  Gelati for breakfast and a long browse through a button shop.

So far, so fabulous!







Cat Jail

27 August, 2016 - 191 Responses


OK, not our actual house but you know what I’m like with taking photos.  The enclosure we got is very similar, but it has marine carpeting to the base, also.  And an extra high shelf with ramp.  The tunnel to TGP’s window is shorter and there is a lockable cat flap.

I went with this mob because they coat the metal with something that’s said to be stronger than galvanising and meant to last 10 years plus.  As you know anything metal here usually rusts out in under 6 months and although I love Q’s Cat Max, I was concerned the fittings would crumble.

The good news is poor agoraphobic Flotsam can now venture out for a sunbathe.  The other good news is Dad paid for 2/3 of it.  Huzzah!

Voila! The knitting

13 August, 2016 - 135 Responses


Better late than never?  The darker coloured squares are the lovely silk/wool that Spotlight didn’t re-stock (bastards).  The multicoloured wool is the Noro wool/silk – you can see in the pic how it’s a bit slubby but it feels gorgeous and is lovely to knit.

Now what shall I knit?